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Guidelines for applicants

The Lipman-Miliband Trust is still open for applications for the current round ending on 31 May. We understand that you may not be able to predict when you may be able to run the project or do the work that you are proposing but please don’t let that stop you applying – we will still make awards and you can spend the money when it becomes possible to do so. Our usual limit is £2000, and we don’t normally allow payments for salaries. However, you can apply for up to £2500 during the current round and the extra £500 can be used for supporting project/staff workers should you have them.

Please note:

The maximum grant that can be awarded during the current round is £2500.

The Trust cannot award grants for work associated with political parties.

Please note that the Trust cannot subsidise costs for undergraduate or postgraduate studies.

There is no rule limiting the number of applications any one candidate may make, although no more than one grant can be awarded in any 24 months to any applicant.

The Trust will not consider the payment of recurring salaries. It will consider the payment of fees specifically related to the project proposal. In respect of such fees the applicant must make clear how the payment is comprised: specifically the expected hours of work on the project and the total payment. The Trust supports good employment practice and requires any payments to comply with minimum wage standards in the country where the project is to be carried out and to be in accordance with any collective agreement negotiated with an independent trade union where such exists.

All recipients will be expected to submit a concise report back on completion of their projects. The Secretary can supply you with a feedback form.

UK applicants can make bids for overseas projects but these must originate from a UK-based applicant with a UK bank account.

The Lipman-Miliband Trust meets three times a year to consider applications. The deadlines for applications are 31st January, 31st May, and 30th September. Applicants are usually informed of the outcome of their application within eight weeks following the deadline date.

All completed application forms should be sent to the Secretary at the following address:

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