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The Irene Bruegel Fund

Irene Bruegel (1945–2008) was a socialist feminist researcher and activist involved in many campaigns to right the injustices and empower the most vulnerable in society. Her research focused on the changing position of women and the intersections of gender, class, ethnicity and immigration status. She was active in the women’s movement, in trade union organising and in campaigning in support of disadvantaged groups, particularly migrants and refugees. She was passionate about adult education and its potential for social transformation.

A special fund has been set up in Irene’s memory, with money willed by her, to fund projects to promote better understanding of what is needed to empower those in whose interests she worked all her life. The Irene Bruegel Fund is dedicated to supporting projects that make a substantial contribution to combating inequalities, whether these be of class, gender, ethnicity, citizenship or any combination of these factors. Applications to the Irene Bruegel Fund can be for small projects but also could be for larger amounts than the £1,000 limit for projects funded from the Trust’s main fund. Please apply using our general application form, indicating that you wish to apply for a grant from the Irene Bruegel Fund.

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