Projects Projects in 2011
    Irene Bruegel Fund
  • In Tandem

    Documentation on women-led theatre

  • Women in Black

    Travel to conference in Bogota

  • Roj Women’s Association


  • Homeworkers Worldwide


  • Ethical Consumer


  • Women’s Views on News

    Website costs

  • London Coalition against Poverty


  • Discover Palestine


  • Taiwan International Workers Association

    Documentary and book

    General Fund
  • Platform


  • Ciara Leeming

    Documentation on the lives of Roma people exhibit

  • Five Leaves

    Celebration of Cable Street (publication)

  • Cable Street Group

    Public event celebrating Cable Street events

  • Kolya Abramsky

    Wind energy research in China

  • Clive James Nwonka

    British Social Realism film researc

  • Together for Peace


  • Tapol

    A history of the movement (publication)

  • State Crime

    Start up fund for a new periodical

  • Paula James

    A study of 19th century trade union banners

  • London Coalition against Poverty

    Conference (funded jointly with the Irene Bruegel Fund)

  • University of Huddersfield

    Celebration of history of Luddism (lecture)

  • Huddersfield Local History Society

    Map of local Luddite history and meeting

  • Lawrence and Wishart

    Activist ebook

  • Israeli Committee against House Demolitions

    Exhibit of destruction policies

  • University of Hertfordshire

    Radical Scottish miners (book)

  • Cuba Solidarity Campaign

    Exhibition of Cuban art

  • Robert Wilson

    1980s miners’ strike poetry and film

  • Medact

    Research on nuclear deterrence theory, report

  • UK Tar Sands Network

    Research and report

  • HILA (Israel)

    Bi-national education seminar

  • Jenin Cultural Centre

    Support for young people’s educational development