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  • March 2023 Funding News

    At the Trust’s March 2023 grants meeting, we offered financial awards to ten valuable projects from all over the UK. These comprised:

    A library of radical children’s literature in Glasgow.

    An accessible booklet documenting the struggle for grassroots democracy and female liberation in Kurdistan (produced in Bristol).

    A conference in Manchester which will enable workers to learn from each other about workplace exploitation.

    A podcast produced in Dorset that helps people understand how UK agrarian workers organise themselves and how this relates to other global workers’ movements.

    A South London theatre production co-created with 15-25 year olds that explores the lowering of the voting age in order to generate youth engagement.

    Three community education days in Belfast, which focus on the history of capitalism and trade union organisation within the specific context of Northern Ireland.

    A multi-media, anti-racist and feminist live performance in Bexhill on Sea’s De La Warr Pavilion, which also incorporates workshops and an exhibition.

    A new website to accompany a quarterly newspaper, currently distributed and sold by rough sleepers and asylum seekers across Britain.

    A weekly podcast produced in North London offering a socialist lens on contemporary economic issues.

    A festival of radical ideas in Devon, organised by regional participants in The World Transformed.

  • Grant Size Increased

    At their July meeting, the Trustees decided that, following our current round of applications (due to be decided in November), we will be raising our maximum grant to £3000. We know that inflation and rising costs are making it harder than ever to get socialist education projects off the ground and we want to help.

  • Past Projects

    We are always delighted to hear from you about how our grants have been spent from the national to the local. In the North East of England we helped fund a project on local radical history with innovative online route maps that enable people to explore, individually or collectively, sites of campaigns for social justice.