Lipman-Miliband Trust Trustees

Our Trustees represent a broad spectrum of academics, researchers, editors, and people active in community work.

  • David Castle, Pluto Press

    David Castle

    David Castle is Editorial Director at Pluto Press, a radical book publisher. He is also Publisher at the Left Book Club. He was previously (2001–2003) Deputy Editor of Red Pepper magazine.

  • Darryl Humble

    Darryl Humble

    Darryl Humble is an international development academic and Deputy Head of the Social Sciences Department at Northumbria University. His research and teaching interests focus on educational encounters, the construction and experience of civil society work, and the use of participatory visual and ethnographic research methods. He works extensively with civil society organisations in the UK and India. Darryl’s writing includes academic journal articles and children’s educational books.

  • Martin McIvor

    Martin McIvor

    Martin McIvor is a trade union researcher who has also worked in think tanks, academia and for the Labour Party. From 2006 until 2012 he was editor of the left policy and ideas journal Renewal.

  • Alex Randall

    Alex Randall

    Alex has spent his career working on climate change and immigration projects. He is currently running the Climate Change and Migration Coalition, a network of refugee and migration groups working together on climate change. Previously he worked on a number of climate change projects investigating corporate power in climate and energy policy, and investigating rapid decarbonisation. He has also been involved in activism around open-cast coal mining and airport expansion. He occasionally writes for Open Democracy and the Guardian.

  • Cilla Ross

    Cilla Ross

    Cilla Ross is Principal at the Co-operative College, Manchester. Her background is in radical adult education, working in universities, trade unions and the WEA. She is currently writing about union co-operatives, adult education and the future of work and is helping to start a Co-operative University and the first Union Co-operative.

  • Esther Selsdon

    Esther Selsdon

    Esther Selsdon is an award-winning writer and journalist and a Royal Literary Fund Consultant Fellow. She teaches writing skills at University College London, amongst other places, and runs grassroots writing and debating projects across England.

  • John Stirling

    John Stirling

    John Stirling has been actively engaged as a trade union educator, researcher and activist for over thirty years. He was formerly head of the Social Sciences Department at Northumbria University and worked with trade unions in the UK, Europe and West Africa. He is on the Committee of the North East Labour History Society and is researching and writing about the socialist activism of William Morris.

  • Hilary Wainwright

    Hilary Wainwright

    Longstanding editor of British left green magazine Red Pepper and fellow of both the Transnational Institute (TNI) in Amsterdam and the Centre for Global Governance at the LSE, Hilary is currently working for the TNI’s New Politics project. Her work focuses on what happens to “People Power” or popular resistance in the face of corporate-driven globalisation. Co-author, with Sheila Rowbotham and Lynne Segal, of the classic feminist book, Beyond the Fragments (1979), Hilary’s most recent books include Reclaim the State, Adventures in Popular Democracy (2003) and Arguments for a New Left, Answering the Free Market Right (1993). A founding member of Charter 88, the movement to democratise Britain’s feudal state, and convenor of the economic democracy workshop of the Helsinki Citizens Assembly, Wainwright is also on the editorial board of the UK political think tank, Catalyst.