Projects Projects in 1996
  • Claire Eustance

    Subsidy towards the publication of photos in a book of essays on gender and women’s suffrage

  • Marvin Gettleman, New York

    Travel grant for participant from India to attend an international conference on Left education, Montreal

  • Trevor Fisher

    Interviews with communist party members who left the party in 1956

  • Kerrie Ryan

    Research costs for biography of Lord Scanlon

  • Brian Pearce

    Study of Russian revolutionary history

  • Imprints, journal

    Grant for publication costs

  • ‘Left Forum 1996’

    Grant for publicity costs

  • Merseyside Port Shop Stewards committee

    Video of the Liverpool Dock Strike

  • Rodney Mace and John Gorman

    Book on the history of the British Trade Union Posters

  • Malcom Chase, University of Leeds

    Travel grant to the USA to attend labour history conference

  • Manchester conference to honour the work of John Saville

    Travel grant to foreign speakers

  • Socialist Movement

    Seed money for publication of bulletin

  • Workers’ Library Resource Centre and Museum, Manchester

    Library grant

  • Prof Nira Yuval Davies, University of Greenwich

    Conference grant

  • European Forum of Left Feminists

    Conference grant