The Lipman-Miliband Trust


in 1996

Claire Eustance

subsidy towards the publication of photos in a book of essays on gender and women’s suffrage

Marvin Gettleman, New York

travel grant for participant from India to attend an international conference on Left education, Montreal

Trevor Fisher

interviews with communist party members who left the party in 1956

Kerrie Ryan

research costs for biography of Lord Scanlon

Brian Pearce

study of Russian revolutionary history

Imprints, journal

grant for publication costs

‘Left Forum 1996’

grant for publicity costs

Merseyside Port Shop Stewards committee

video of the Liverpool Dock Strike

Rodney Mace and John Gorman

book on the history of the British Trade Union Posters

Malcom Chase, University of Leeds

travel grant to the USA to attend labour history conference

Manchester conference to honour the work of John Saville

travel grant to foreign speakers

Socialist Movement

seed money for publication of bulletin

Workers’ Library Resource Centre and Museum, Manchester

library grant

Prof Nira Yuval Davies, University of Greenwich

conference grant

European Forum of Left Feminists

conference grant


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