Projects Projects in 2013
    General Fund
  • Awakening

    Promoting women’s rights in Pakistan

  • Britain at Work London Project

    Archive of interviews with trade union activists in London

  • Conference on Corruption in Britain


  • Dennis Arbet Nejbir

    Belfast conference on Turkish Kurds

  • Disabled People Against Cuts

    Workshops for disabled people

  • Edinburgh People’s Festival

    Film about working class Edinburgh

  • Forces Watch

    Publication on militarisation of culture

  • Global Labour Institute

    Summer school on international trade unions

  • Green and Black Cross Legal Support

    Legal advice cards for protestors

  • Inside Film Network

    Screenings of documentary about working class life

  • International Socialism Journal

    Digitisation project

  • Labour Start

    Anthology of work of Dan Gallin

  • Luddite 200

    Conference on politics of technology

  • Mythbuster

    Red Pepper publication highlighting common misconceptions

  • Netpol

    Workshops on political protest

  • News International Dispute Archive

    Oral history of Wapping dispute and exhibition

  • Novara Media

    New media event for youth

  • Only House Left Standing

    Tom Hurndall photography exhibition

  • Stitched Up

    Book as Critique of Capitalism in Fashion Industry

  • UK Tar Sands Network

    Public awareness campaign

  • Unite the Youth

    Youth Parliament for excluded teens

  • Working Class Plaque

    Plaque for E. P. Thompson

  • Irene Bruegel Fund
  • Amazon Women – Branford

    Highlighting lives of endangered fisherfolk, Brazil

  • Central American Women’s Network

    Advocacy of women's rights in Central America

  • Critical Education Project

    Website for 16-19 year olds

  • Roj Women’s Association

    Furthering Kurdish feminism

  • Rose Human Rights

    Education of Women in Pakistan

  • Stop Arming Israel

    War on Want awareness campaign

  • Suffragette – People’s History Museum

    Exhibition about suffragette boycott of 1911 census

  • UK Feminista

    Empowerment for UK female activists

  • Women Farm Workers

    Research on African women workers

  • Working Class Women


  • Southern Africa Fund
  • Africa Hip Hop Caravan

    Awareness-raising bus tour of six African cities