The Lipman-Miliband Trust


in 2013

General Fund


Promoting women’s rights in Pakistan

Britain at Work London Project

Archive of interviews with trade union activists in London

Conference on Corruption in Britain


Dennis Arbet Nejbir

Belfast conference on Turkish Kurds

Disabled People Against Cuts

Workshops for disabled people

Edinburgh People’s Festival

Film about working class Edinburgh

Forces Watch

Publication on militarisation of culture

Global Labour Institute

Summer school on international trade unions

Green and Black Cross Legal Support

Legal advice cards for protestors

Inside Film Network

Screenings of documentary about working class life

International Socialism Journal

Digitisation project

Labour Start

Anthology of work of Dan Gallin

Luddite 200

Conference on politics of technology


Red Pepper publication highlighting common misconceptions


Workshops on political protest

News International Dispute Archive

Oral history of Wapping dispute and exhibition

Novara Media

New media event for youth

Only House Left Standing

Tom Hurndall photography exhibition

Stitched Up

Book as Critique of Capitalism in Fashion Industry

UK Tar Sands Network

Public awareness campaign

Unite the Youth

Youth Parliament for excluded teens

Working Class Plaque

Plaque for E. P. Thompson

Irene Bruegel Fund

Amazon Women – Branford

Highlighting lives of endangered fisherfolk, Brazil

Central American Women’s Network

Advocacy of women's rights in Central America

Critical Education Project

Website for 16-19 year olds

Roj Women’s Association

Furthering Kurdish feminism

Rose Human Rights

Education of Women in Pakistan

Stop Arming Israel

War on Want awareness campaign

Suffragette – People’s History Museum

Exhibition about suffragette boycott of 1911 census

UK Feminista

Empowerment for UK female activists

Women Farm Workers

Research on African women workers

Working Class Women


Southern Africa Fund

Africa Hip Hop Caravan

Awareness-raising bus tour of six African cities


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