The Lipman-Miliband Trust


in 2012

General Fund

Leeds Taking Soundings


Historical Materialism


Dianne Kirby


Simon Mohun

Training Workshop

Peace News Press


Keith Venables

Working Class Education

Advancement of Citizen Journalism

Israeli advocacy unit

Chartism, a new history

Translation into French

Cooperative Printmaking Festival


North West Labour History Society

Pamphlet on women radicals in North-West

Own It

Creation of website

Palestine Summer Place

Workshop in London

Social Developmment Committee of Haifa

Training for Arab educators

Spirit Level

Seed money for film production

EP Thompson

Lecture funding

Yorkshire Palestine Cultural Exchange

Training seminars

Why Inequality Matters

Printing of booklet

Women’s disarmament Campaign


Zimbabwe Association

UK Workshops and conference

Irene Bruegel Fund

Corporate Watch

Tracking corporate occupation of Palestine

Disabled People Against Cuts

Analysis of disability activism

Jamal Juma

Travel grant

Muslim Identity and EU Policies


Peace in Kurdistan

Funding for women’s delegation to attend

Southern Africa Fund

Friends of Workers’ Education in South Africa

Transportation of Education Materials

Marikana Miners

Investigation into deaths of miners

International Labour Research

Research into globalisation in South Africa

Pamberi Trust, Harare

Book cafe literary event


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