The Lipman-Miliband Trust


in 2004

Jerusalem Link

bi-national conference involving Palestinian and Israeli women on the ‘Geneva Accords; conflict resolution and peace initiatives’

Center for Socialist History, Ca.

Publicising the electronic editions of the Marx Engels Cyclopaedia

Tadeusz Kowalik

Impact of Third Way Ideologies on Germany and Poland

Cynthia Cockburn

Research study of the international Women in Black movement Women opposing War

Stuart Hodkinson

Activists’ Network Directory, online and publication

Rae Street, Ann Scargill and Betty Heathfield

travel grants to the Mumbai World Social Forum

European Jews for a Just Peace

subsidy for simultaneous translation for international conference

Dancing for Palestine

contribution towards a tour of a group from Jabalia refugee camp, Gaza

Wedgwood Memorial College

library development fund

University of Kent

Marx and Philosophy inaugural conference

Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom

international seminar at the European Social Forum, London 2004

Frank Salt

history of the National League for the Blind

War Resisters International

support for a conscientious objectors’ campaign in Finland


support for launch of publication No. 3, covering the media portrayal of the Iraq war

Socialist Women of Sri Lanka

essay collection project

Khanya College, Johannesburg

cataloguing of social movements library


The Future of Public Life, seminar and discussion


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