Projects Projects in 1997
  • Dr K Lunn

    conference grant

  • David Cope

    Bibliography of the CPGB

  • Anthony Carew

    ‘TUC International Policy 1945-75’

  • Kevin MacDermott

    Russian Language edition of The Comintern; a history of international Communism from Lenin to Stalin

  • Milos Nikolic

    grant for continuation of newsletter Transitions to Democracy

  • Bryan D. Palmer

    Soldier of the Revolution: James P. Cannon

  • Max Silverman, University of Leeds

    ‘Anti-Arab and anti-Jewish Racialised Discourses in Britain and France’

  • Dr Maloka, South Africa

    travel grant to attend ‘Classifying Race, Racialising Class’ conference, Oxford

  • Society for Cooperation in Russian and Soviet Studies

    assistance towards costs of storage and preservation of the society’s archives and photolibrary

  • Ralph Darlington

    publication costs of autobiography of Molly Murphy

  • HC Lowe

    subsidy towards publicity for his autobiography Anchorman

  • European Marches against unemployment

    publication grant

  • Mike Waite

    research on anarchist movement in NW England in the 1970s, published in Anarchist Studies, vol. 10 (1), Spring 2002

  • Prof A Mitzman, Amsterdam

    ‘European Left Alternatives to Neo-Liberalism’, seminar/conference

  • Journal of Southern Europe and the Balkans

  • WEA, South Yorkshire

    publication of adult education material

  • Hywel Francis, University of Cardiff, Wales

    research project on adult education, social exclusions and active citizenship

  • Mair Francis

    research women in the mining regions of Sardinia

  • George Barnsby

    publication costs of book on history of socialism in Birmingham and the Black Country

  • Women working Worldwide

    production and distribution of newsletter World Trade and the Rights of Women Workers

  • Terence Bowman

    publication of biography of his great-grandfather, Alexander Bowman, 1854-1924, co-founder of Belfast Trades Council and President of Irish TUC in 1901

  • Imprints

    journal, subsidy towards publication costs

  • Owen R. Ashton

    publication Chartist Studies

  • Woodcraft Folk

    Oral History and Archive project

  • Diane Kirby

    research grant

  • John Saville Award

    Dr Janaki Nair, Madras Institute for Development Studies

    video film After the Gold, a history of the decline of gold mining community in South India