The Lipman-Miliband Trust


in 1997

Dr K Lunn

conference grant

David Cope

Bibliography of the CPGB

Anthony Carew

‘TUC International Policy 1945-75’

Kevin MacDermott

Russian Language edition of The Comintern; a history of international Communism from Lenin to Stalin

Milos Nikolic

grant for continuation of newsletter Transitions to Democracy

Bryan D. Palmer

Soldier of the Revolution: James P. Cannon

Max Silverman, University of Leeds

‘Anti-Arab and anti-Jewish Racialised Discourses in Britain and France’

Dr Maloka, South Africa

travel grant to attend ‘Classifying Race, Racialising Class’ conference, Oxford

Society for Cooperation in Russian and Soviet Studies

assistance towards costs of storage and preservation of the society’s archives and photolibrary

Ralph Darlington

publication costs of autobiography of Molly Murphy

HC Lowe

subsidy towards publicity for his autobiography Anchorman

European Marches against unemployment

publication grant

Mike Waite

research on anarchist movement in NW England in the 1970s, published in Anarchist Studies, vol. 10 (1), Spring 2002

Prof A Mitzman, Amsterdam

‘European Left Alternatives to Neo-Liberalism’, seminar/conference

Journal of Southern Europe and the Balkans

WEA, South Yorkshire

publication of adult education material

Hywel Francis, University of Cardiff, Wales

research project on adult education, social exclusions and active citizenship

Mair Francis

research women in the mining regions of Sardinia

George Barnsby

publication costs of book on history of socialism in Birmingham and the Black Country

Women working Worldwide

production and distribution of newsletter World Trade and the Rights of Women Workers

Terence Bowman

publication of biography of his great-grandfather, Alexander Bowman, 1854-1924, co-founder of Belfast Trades Council and President of Irish TUC in 1901


journal, subsidy towards publication costs

Owen R. Ashton

publication Chartist Studies

Woodcraft Folk

Oral History and Archive project

Diane Kirby

research grant

John Saville Award

Dr Janaki Nair, Madras Institute for Development Studies

video film After the Gold, a history of the decline of gold mining community in South India


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