Projects Projects in 2014
    General Fund
  • Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom

    Website and forum debating media reform

  • Peace News 

    Visual celebration of people who opposed the First World War

  • Platform Films

    Documentary film portrait of Ralph Miliband

  • Travelling People

    Event celebrating the Roma

  • Cuba Solidarity Campaign

    Inquiry into case of imprisoned Cubans

  • Workers’ Educational Assocation – Yorkshire and Humberside

    Conference on citizenship and democracy

  • Bridge 5 Mill 

    No Glory in War lecture

  • Marx Memorial Library

    International Brigade archive catalogue 

  • Open Democracy

    Series of articles on public ownership

  • England Arise

    Drama on conscientious objectors during the Second World War

  • Damned Lies

    Touring show for schools

  • Anonymous

    Human rights in Burma

  • New Left Project

    Video reports on economy

  • Dawn Woolley

    Anti-capitalist poster campaign

  • Summat New

    Hub website for social change

  • Irene Bruegel Fund
  • Facts in Action International

    Research into underage sex workers in Kenya

  • Journey to Justice

    Campaign to support movement for social justice

  • Forum for Community Change and Development

    Development conference on gender equality and female empowerment in South Sudan

  • Pakistan Womens’ Awareness

    Workshops to educate young women

  • No Glory in War


  • Peterloo Memorial Project

    Provision of video equipment for memorial event

  • UK Women’s Budget Group


  • Banana Link

    Research on women workers in Ecuador

  • Women Development Welfare Society

    Workshops for Indian women on rights

  • Eaves

    Conference on domestic violence

  • Uvuli Foundation

    Activism against gender violence

  • Women’s Aid Federation

    Research into financial abuse

  • Southern Africa Fund
  • The Marikana Miners Project

    Book on the Marikana miners’ strike and massacre of protesting strikers at the hands of the South African police