The Lipman-Miliband Trust


in 2014

General Fund

Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom

Website and forum debating media reform

Peace News 

Visual celebration of people who opposed the First World War

Platform Films

Documentary film portrait of Ralph Miliband

Travelling People

Event celebrating the Roma

Cuba Solidarity Campaign

Inquiry into case of imprisoned Cubans

Workers’ Educational Assocation – Yorkshire and Humberside

Conference on citizenship and democracy

Bridge 5 Mill 

No Glory in War lecture

Marx Memorial Library

International Brigade archive catalogue 

Open Democracy

Series of articles on public ownership

England Arise

Drama on conscientious objectors during the Second World War

Damned Lies

Touring show for schools


Human rights in Burma

New Left Project

Video reports on economy

Dawn Woolley

Anti-capitalist poster campaign

Summat New

Hub website for social change

Irene Bruegel Fund

Facts in Action International

Research into underage sex workers in Kenya

Journey to Justice

Campaign to support movement for social justice

Forum for Community Change and Development

Development conference on gender equality and female empowerment in South Sudan

Pakistan Womens’ Awareness

Workshops to educate young women

No Glory in War


Peterloo Memorial Project

Provision of video equipment for memorial event

UK Women’s Budget Group


Banana Link

Research on women workers in Ecuador

Women Development Welfare Society

Workshops for Indian women on rights


Conference on domestic violence

Uvuli Foundation

Activism against gender violence

Women’s Aid Federation

Research into financial abuse

Southern Africa Fund

The Marikana Miners Project

Book on the Marikana miners’ strike and massacre of protesting strikers at the hands of the South African police


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