The Lipman-Miliband Trust


in 1999

Alternative Public Policies for Social Justice Prize

Melissa Benn

‘Anatomy of an an ambiguous politics’, Political Quarterly, July 2000

Robin Blackburn

Banking on Death or Investing in Life: The History and Future of Pensions

Joan Smith and John Pierson, Staffordshire University

Democratic Citizenship and an Alternative Perspective on the Regeneration of Communities in the UK

Christabel Gurney

British Trade Unions and the anti-Apartheid Movement, 1969-1982

Edward Garrett, University of Brighton

‘The Liberal Order: the Future for Social Justice’ at Olomouc, Czech Republic

John Nicholson, Greater Manchester Socialist Alliance

Campaigns 1999 Conference

David O’Brien, University of Newcastle

‘Concepts of Citizenship in the New Labour Party: Ethical Socialism and New Labour’, travel grant for archival work

En-gender, Edinburgh

update information pack on ‘Women and the Scottish Parliament’

Norma Copa Schenke, University of Westminster

installation on Argentinian atrocities in the 1970s ‘Memory of the Disappeared’

Richard Kuper, Workers’ Library and Museum, Johannesburg

book transportation from the UK

Frontline Books, Manchester

publicity leaflets advertising move to new premises

Red Pepper

costs of seminar on the themes of alternative left politics

Women Working Worldwide

subsidy for volunteers’ tuition in English language proficiency

Monthly Review, New York

subscription drive in the UK

John Nicholson

contribution to Conference, ‘Ireland beyond the Sectarian Divide’

Jane Tate, HomeNet International, Leeds

accessible study materials for home based workers

Gail Malmgreen, Robert F.Wagner Labor Archives, Tamiment Institute Library, New York

travel grant to the UK for presentation of video ‘They were not silent: the Jewish Labor Movement and the Holocaust’

Sheila Cohen, Detroit, USA

book research From the Ground UP; Decline and Resurgence in the Unions, 1970-2000

Dexter Whitfield, Centre for Public Sevices, Sheffield

seminar on Socialist Public Management

Sheila Rowbotham, Images of Labour

cinematic representation of class

Mrs Margaret Simey, University of Liverpool

biography of George D’Aeth, first member of staff in the department of social science at the University of Liverpool

Jack Grassby, The Failed Revolution

a history of militant trade unionism in South Tyneside

Allison Drew, University of York

Discordant Comrades: Identities and Loyalties on the South African Left

Nigel Wright, Sheffield

Publicity for ‘Raise your Banners’ festival of political song

Annie Nelligan, Making Connections

Irish Peace Process tour of Yorkshire

Andrew Boyd

Fermenting Elements: Labour Colleges in Ireland 1924-1964, publication grant

Janos Jemnitz, Budapest

conference subsidy


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