Projects Projects in 2006
  • Contribution to the Cost of publication of ‘The Land’

    A journal dealing with rural and urban land issues

  • UHC Collective

    ‘Open City Repository’ website

  • Trapese Collective

    ‘Everyday Revolutions’, book subsidy

  • Sheila Cohen

    Contribution to the publication of pamphlet ‘What’s Happening’

  • Raphael Samuel History Centre

    ‘People’s London’, conference

  • In Tandem Women’s Theatre

    Oral history project

  • Friends of Workers Education in South Africa

    £900 for shipment of books to libraries

  • Institute of Race Relations

    Conference ‘Racism, Liberty and the War on Terror’ conference 16 Sept 2006, grant £1000

  • Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom

    International conference, Sept 2006, ‘Women’s unfinished agenda’, £1000

  • Labour behind the Label

    Wearing Thin – publication costs – £1000

  • Homeworkers Worldwide

    Educational fellowship for representative from Bihar grant £970

  • Derek Clarke

    Exhibition commemorating Lancashire involvement in the Spanish Civil War

  • Matthew Beaumont

    University College London, subsidy towards the publication of As Radical as Reality Itself; Essays on Marxism and the Arts

  • Val Regan

    ‘Sing for a Change’ commissioning songs for our times

  • Soundings

    ‘Thinking Ahead’ conference June 2006

  • Palestinian Women Speak out

    Subsidy for travel grants for Palestinian women

  • Celia Mather

    Travel grant to conference ‘Workers’ Education and Workers’ Media in a Global Economy’

  • Daniel Chavez

    Follow up grant for setting up website on the political crisis in Brazil

  • Manchester Metropolitan University

    ‘Women, Work and Globalisation’ conference to celebrate the work of Angela Hale, the late director of Homeworkers Worldwide