The Lipman-Miliband Trust


in 2006

Contribution to the Cost of publication of ‘The Land’

a journal dealing with rural and urban land issues

UHC Collective

‘Open City Repository’ website

Trapese Collective

‘Everyday Revolutions’, book subsidy

Sheila Cohen

contribution to the publication of pamphlet ‘What’s Happening’

Raphael Samuel History Centre

‘People’s London’, conference

In Tandem Women’s Theatre

oral history project

Friends of Workers Education in South Africa

£900 for shipment of books to libraries

Institute of Race Relations

conference ‘Racism, Liberty and the War on Terror’ conference 16 Sept 2006, grant £1000

Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom

international conference, Sept 2006, ‘Women’s unfinished agenda’, £1000

Labour behind the Label

Wearing Thin – publication costs – £1000

Homeworkers Worldwide

educational fellowship for representative from Bihar grant £970

Derek Clarke

exhibition commemorating Lancashire involvement in the Spanish Civil War

Matthew Beaumont

University College London, subsidy towards the publication of As Radical as Reality Itself; Essays on Marxism and the Arts

Val Regan

‘Sing for a Change’ commissioning songs for our times


‘Thinking Ahead’ conference June 2006

Palestinian Women Speak out

subsidy for travel grants for Palestinian women

Celia Mather

travel grant to conference ‘Workers’ Education and Workers’ Media in a Global Economy’

Daniel Chavez

follow up grant for setting up website on the political crisis in Brazil

Manchester Metropolitan University

‘Women, Work and Globalisation’ conference to celebrate the work of Angela Hale, the late director of Homeworkers Worldwide


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