Projects Projects in 2017
    General Fund
  • David Oluwale Memorial Assocation

    Oluwale Now: Remembering human rights in an age of crisis (university conference on life of David Oluwale)

  • Mary Quaile Club

    Transcription of minutes of Trade Union meetings from 1895 until 1919 and uploading onto a freely accessible website

  • Archiving A. Sivanandan

    Retrieving and archiving the speeches of A. Sivanandan (Director of the Institute of Race Relations and founder editor of Race and Class) and then to make these available online and free for all

  • Leeds 1917

    A day event in Leeds to commemorate the Labour and Socialist Peace Convention held in Leeds in February 1917 to support the Russian Revolution

  • Education 4 Action Durham

    Training and the design of publicity materials for an event associated with the Durham Miners Gala in July 2017 which seeks to engage with local communities and schools in a historic miners’ hall

  • Institute for Black Atlantic Research

    An international two-day conference to mark the centenary of the Russian Revolution

  • Alborada

    Supporting the development of a website to complement an existing print magazine which covers the people and movements present in Latin America

  • Rowbot Street CIC

    Training young adults to research and deliver an exhibition about the Grunswick Dispute of 1976

  • Econocracy

    Hosting a UK student-led economics conference open to the public

  • Mangrove Productions

    Helping fund a feature documentary about Frank Crichlow, whose restaurant was an epicentre for resistance to racism in the 1960s

  • Shoal Collective

    Researching and producing an in-depth report on Palestinian popular struggles for human rights and peace

  • The Threepenny Festival Association

    Workshops connecting young people with organisations opposed to the exploitation of natural resources

  • City Projects

    A documentary about the effects of blacklisting in the construction industry

  • Huckfield Research

    Seminars on social finance and social investment

  • Corporate Watch

    Preparation of DIY training folders on how to investigate companies’ corporate abuses

  • Townsend Productions

    A theatrical tour about the Grunwick Strike

  • Irene Bruegel Fund
  • Centre for Health and the Public Interest

    A one-year study on the impact of Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs) on health inequality

  • Soundz of the South

    A series of study circles, agit-prop perfomances and community advocacy training sessions on women’s historical struggles for women aged 18-35 from working class communities in Cape Town