Projects Projects in 2019
  • Demand the Impossible Summer School

    Training on planning, facilitation, and pedagogical skills to politically-active young people of working-class backgrounds interested in educational projects

  • Edward Tull biography by Phil Vasili

    The Trust provided funding for primary research for the biography of Edward Tull, Glasgow’s first black dentist, and prominent pacifist.

  • Robin Murray Digital Archive

    Digital archive of Robin Murray’s work and a resource base showcasing his work on fair trade, social innovation, and environmentalism.

  • ‘The History Fix’ YouTube channel

    A left-critical history channel hosted by Neil Faulkner, aiming to provide an alternative to the plethora of right-leaning YouTube channels.

  • Resist: Stories of Progress by Comma Press

    An anthology project for Comma Press which aims to tell frequently overlooked stories of resistance in British history, featuring written work, podcasts, and public engagement.

  • ‘Protecting Dissent Workshops’ for Netpol

    Netpol received a grant for research into over-policing and resistance to these measures. This culminated in workshops and online resources.

  • Red Pepper’s Writer’s Fund

    A contribution to Red Pepper’s writer’s fund, which provides financial support for grassroots, radical writers.

  • ‘Towards an Anti-Fascist Sonic Practice: Ernst Schoen Then and Today’

    A gloriously esoteric project highlighting the theory and practice of anti-fascist artist Ernst Schoen. Funding contributed towards a symposium and radio programs.

  • ‘Catalyst’ app from Common Knowledge

    Catalyst is an app for activists to facilitate organising and education.

  • Banana Link

    Training for Peruvian workers to educate them about labour rights, unionisation, and organising, with a particular focus on women and young members.

  • ‘TWT365’ for The World Transformed

    The World Transformed received funding to run their conference, as well as to produce TWT365, a digital resource for activists.

  • ‘Worker’s Rights in the Electronic Industry’ by People & Planet

    Aiming to raise awareness of trade-unionism and union-busting activities in the electronics industry, this grant paid for a training session for 20 organisers, as well as a day of action.

  • Sacrifice Zones: Resisting Green Colonialism in Latin America — a book from War on Want

    This project is the culmination of a conglomerate of research groups, seeking to expose the struggles of front-line mining communities. It included a multi-lingual advocacy pack to provide education, and funds for primary research.

  • ‘Cinema Action’ for Platform Films

    This grant allowed over 450 cans of film dating from 1969-1990 to be digitalised and archived by the BFI and the Marx Memorial Library. These films were from the archives of Cinema Action, one of a number of groups who screened radical films during this period.

  • Training for ‘Organising for Change’

    Organising for Change received a grant that would enable them to run a three-day training programme for community organisers. This focused on giving local activists the tools to continue their work in a sustainable manner and work cooperatively.

  • ‘Leftovers: Digital Archive Project’ for the May Day Rooms

    A sum was made available for the May Day Rooms to digitalise their library, to assist in creating education resources, and to run a workshop on archiving and digitalisation.

  • ‘Spreading an alternative’ for Pikpa Open Refugee Camp

    As Europe’s borders become ever-more restrictive, people escaping disaster-zones have been forced into dangerous and over-crowded camps. This grant funded a series of educational workshops in the UK and Lesbos.

  • ‘100 years of radical Adult Education in Scotland’ for Stirling University

    To commemorate the centenary of the formalisation of state-funded education in Britain, Stirling University was awarded funds to run a conference and create an internet archive of recorded talks and general information.

  • School Visits by Bel Jacobs

    A series of workshops for KS2 and KS3 students focusing on sustainability in fashion.

  • ‘YES YES UCS’ for Townsend Theatre Production

    Funding for a drama production highlighting the labour struggle of the Upper Clyde Shipbuilders in 1971.

  • ‘Britain At Work’ by Dave Welsh

    The Trust awarded funds to interview 100 former railway workers and trade-union activists, and to transcribe them these for an internet archive.

  • Granville: For Us By Us — Book Project

    Focusing on urban re-development in South Kilburn, this project culminated in a book which was made available for the local community.

  • ‘Economic (In)Justice — We Can Make a Difference’ for Journey to Justice

    An online archive of community interviews highlighting issues of wealth inequality and social deprivation throughout England.

  • ‘Shifting Paradigms’ Conference for the Aberdeen Political Economy Society

    Aiming to bring together young scholars and academics, this conference focused on an interdisciplinary approach to post-crash economics.

  • ‘Beyond the Bund’ for Vashti Media

    Focusing on the rich history of the Jewish socialist movement, Vashti Media were awarded funding to produce a multi-content educational series on significant figures from this tradition.

  • Migrant and Asylum Seeker Solidarity and Action

    This conference provided a networking opportunity for activists involved in migration. It gave particular focus to black, indigenous, and people of colour, who are most likely to be adversely affected.