The Lipman-Miliband Trust


in 2005

Ken Sprague Fund

International Cartoon Competition


‘Thinking ahead’ conference 11 June 2005

Bob Dixon

Poetry publication grant

Faculty for Israeli-Palestinian Peace

Start up money for setting up the organisation’s UK branch

Migrant Media

Licence to kill, documentary film project

Hakim Mbazamihigo

University of Leeds; research project ‘Democracy and Ethnicity in Burundi’


Report on corporate power

Women in Black

International Conference: Jerusalem 12-14 August 2005

Allison Drew

Subsidy towards publication of biography of Sidney Bunting

‘Remember Saro Wiwa’

Support for launch of art competition and public education project

Northern Lights Choir

Travel grant to support Cuba Choir Festival

Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation

Travel grant for delegate from Turkey to attend Peace and Human Rights seminar in Brussels

Daniel Chavez

Trans National Institute, start up grant for website on participatory democracy in Brazil

Socialist Register

Seminar on ecological challenges facing the Left

Merlin Press

Subsidy towards the publication of the Ralph Miliband/Marcel Liebman correspondence on the 1967 Middle East War


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