Projects Projects in 2005
  • Ken Sprague Fund

    International Cartoon Competition

  • Soundings

    ‘Thinking ahead’ conference, 11 June 2005

  • Bob Dixon

    Poetry publication grant

  • Faculty for Israeli-Palestinian Peace

    Start-up money for setting up the organisation’s UK branch

  • Migrant Media

    Licence to kill, documentary film project

  • Hakim Mbazamihigo

    University of Leeds; research project ‘Democracy and Ethnicity in Burundi’

  • Spinwatch

    Report on corporate power

  • Women in Black

    International Conference: Jerusalem, 12-14 August 2005

  • Allison Drew

    Subsidy towards publication of biography of Sidney Bunting

  • ‘Remember Saro Wiwa’

    Support for launch of art competition and public education project

  • Northern Lights Choir

    Travel grant to support Cuba Choir Festival

  • Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation

    Travel grant for delegate from Turkey to attend Peace and Human Rights seminar in Brussels

  • Daniel Chavez

    Trans National Institute, start up grant for website on participatory democracy in Brazil

  • Socialist Register

    Seminar on ecological challenges facing the Left

  • Merlin Press

    Subsidy towards the publication of the Ralph Miliband/Marcel Liebman correspondence on the 1967 Middle East War