The Lipman-Miliband Trust


in 2010

Gareth Dale

research on volume 2 of biography of Karl Polanyi


Translation costs into German of entries for ‘Critical Dictionary of Marxism’

Matthew Carr

book on immigration, Heavy Traffic

Thomas Spence Trust

reprint of Hive of Liberty; essays on Thomas Spence

Widows for Peace Through Democracy

study of widowhood in Ghana, Tanzania and Malawi (Irene Bruegel Fund)

Hackney Oral History

Hackney Housing and immigrant collective (Irene Bruegel Fund)

Commercial Stevedoring Agricultural and Allied Workers Union

Ladismith, SA, shop stewards leadership school (Southern Africa Fund)

Russell Tribunal on Palestine

legal aspects

Human Rights Legal Aid Fund

campaign materials against constructions of settlements on the West Bank

Corporate Watch

Banking on Crisis publication


Legal observers for trial of Turkish trade unionists in

Colin Leys

The Plot Against The NHS book

War on Want

corporate involvement in Afghanistan

Anti-Apartheid Movement Archives

update and introduction of modern recording methods

Hagar, Beersheba, Israel, Arab/Jewish Association for Young Children’s
Bi-lingual Education

teaching manual

The Israeli Committee against House Demolitions, UK


‘Just Do It’

film on climate change activism

Kurdistan Villages Reconstruction Association

Theatrical production of drama relating to violence against women

London Metropolitan University

TUC Collections, translation of early Russian documents into English

Tara Martin

Completion of research on the winter of discontent

Social Development Committee of Haifa

bi-national education youth project to promote better understanding of two communities living in Israel

Team Video Productions

interactive forum relating to teaching project ‘Who runs this Place’

Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom

conference on themes ‘Militarism and Masculinities’


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