Projects Projects in 2010
  • Gareth Dale

    Research on volume 2 of biography of Karl Polanyi

  • Inkrit

    Translation costs into German of entries for ‘Critical Dictionary of Marxism’

  • Matthew Carr

    Book on immigration, Heavy Traffic

  • Thomas Spence Trust

    Reprint of Hive of Liberty; essays on Thomas Spence

  • Widows for Peace Through Democracy

    Study of widowhood in Ghana, Tanzania and Malawi (Irene Bruegel Fund)

  • Hackney Oral History

    Hackney Housing and immigrant collective (Irene Bruegel Fund)

  • Commercial Stevedoring Agricultural and Allied Workers Union

    Ladismith, SA, shop stewards leadership school (Southern Africa Fund)

  • Russell Tribunal on Palestine

    Legal aspects

  • Human Rights Legal Aid Fund

    Campaign materials against constructions of settlements on the West Bank

  • Corporate Watch

    Banking on Crisis publication


    Legal observers for trial of Turkish trade unionists in

  • Colin Leys

    The Plot Against The NHS book

  • War on Want

    Corporate involvement in Afghanistan

  • Anti-Apartheid Movement Archives

    Update and introduction of modern recording methods

  • Hagar, Beersheba, Israel, Arab/Jewish Association for Young Children’s Bi-lingual Education

    Teaching manual

  • The Israeli Committee against House Demolitions, UK


  • ‘Just Do It’

    film on climate change activism

  • Kurdistan Villages Reconstruction Association

    Theatrical production of drama relating to violence against women

  • London Metropolitan University

    TUC Collections, translation of early Russian documents into English

  • Tara Martin

    Completion of research on the winter of discontent

  • Social Development Committee of Haifa

    Bi-national education youth project to promote better understanding of two communities living in Israel

  • Team Video Productions

    Interactive forum relating to teaching project ‘Who runs this Place’

  • Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom

    Conference on themes ‘Militarism and Masculinities’