Projects Projects in 2016
    General Fund
  • David Oluwale Memorial Assocation

    Oluwale Now: Remembering human rights in an age of crisis (university conference on life of David Oluwale)

  • Music Fund for Cuba

    Presente! Contemporary Art from Cuba Art (touring exhibition of Cuban art work with an associated educational programme led by Cuban artists)

  • Ruskin College

    The Ruskin Radical Research Unit, speaker series. Six speaker events during 2016, during the weekends, on Trade Union history

  • The Moving Theatre

    And Here I Am. Research and development costs for theatre production as a response to refugee crisis, performed in English and Arabic

  • Cooperative Heritage Trust

    Working Together: recording and preserving the heritage of the workers’ cooperative movement. Identifying existing records and creating an archive of the workers’ co-operative movement

  • Natasha Nkonde

    Stories of Struggle. Podcast setting out the history of social and economic justice in contemporary Britain

  • Breaking the Frame

    Conference on the Lucas Plan and its current relevance. Explores alternatives to arms production and the need for a just transition to combat climate change

  • Sheila Rowbotham

    Photographs for Rebel Crossings: New Women, Free Lovers and Radicals in Britain and the United States. Cost of photographs from archives for book about radical feminists

  • Ardent Theatre Company

    British Political Theatre: an online resource. Development of online archive of British political theatre from GB Shaw to present day

  • Brick Lane Debates

    Socialist debating event. Part of a festival of grassroots education initiatives

  • Nottingham People’s Assembly

    Cultural political event. Located in Rough Trade music shop

  • Socialist Newspaper Limited

    Investigative Journalism programme: public services. Series of workshops assisting people campaigning to save their public services

  • Comma Press

    Protest! Stories of Resistance (anthology of short stories exploring ten pivotal moments of popular resistance)

  • Women for Women

    Intensive education of women in 15 tribal villages in Tamilnadu State (workshops to protect human and reproductive rights of tribal women in Southern India)

  • Chetham’s Library

    Marx audio recording (audio presentation on the history of the Manchester library’s connection to Marx and others)

  • LEAP

    Social education to protect women’s rights in Faisalabad, Pakistan (series of workshops to help prevent domestic violence)

  • International Institute of Social History

    Archiving the papers of Isaac Deutscher

  • Irene Bruegel Fund
  • Ice and Fire Theatre Company

    Actors for Human Rights. Rehearsed reading of testimonial scripts by asylum seekers and survivors of sex trafficking

  • Micro Rainbow International

    Tackling inequalities amongst LBTI refugee women. Three self-esteem and confidence-building workshops for LBTI participants

  • Journey to Justice – Tower Hamlets

    Two day participative educational and artistic event for young people in Bethnal Green, East London

  • Rethink Rebuild Society

    Spring Reign. Original drama about Syrian conflict based on real life accounts by refugees, musicians and photographers

  • Green and Black Cross

    Green and Black Cross Training Improvement Project (workshop on legal rights during demonstrations)

  • Dying to Divorce

    Observational film following the life of a female lawyer in Turkey fighting a culture of domestic abuse

  • Every Voice

    All World History, All Year Round (educational event in Islington to change history curriculum to reflect the histories of ethnic minority communities)

  • Jubilee Debt Campaign

    Economics is for Everyone (a series of educational workshops helping activists to analyse the economy and make proposals for alternatives)

  • People’s History Museum

    In Conversation with Betty Tebbs: an inspiring cross-generational filmed interview with a 99 year old activist In Manchester

  • Southern Africa Fund
  • Sphephelo

    Project supporting homeless girls in Durban. Workshops and education seminars

  • Asikule Sanke

    Let Us Grow Together (conference involving unions, civil justice organisations and government bodies to identify the main courses of conflict between South African citizens and refugees)

  • Success Capital Organisation

    Sexual Rights Localised (training of LGBT youth on human rights law with local perspective)

  • International Labour Research Group

    Political Education for a New Movement (five one-day workshops on social justice and socio-economic rights in the Western Cape)