The Lipman-Miliband Trust


in 2016

General Fund

David Oluwale Memorial Assocation

Oluwale Now: Remembering human rights in an age of crisis (university conference on life of David Oluwale)

Music Fund for Cuba

Presente! Contemporary Art from Cuba Art (touring exhibition of Cuban art work with an associated educational programme led by Cuban artists)

Ruskin College

The Ruskin Radical Research Unit, speaker series. Six speaker events during 2016, during the weekends, on Trade Union history

The Moving Theatre

And Here I Am. Research and development costs for theatre production as a response to refugee crisis, performed in English and Arabic

Cooperative Heritage Trust

Working Together: recording and preserving the heritage of the workers’ cooperative movement. Identifying existing records and creating an archive of the workers’ co-operative movement

Natasha Nkonde

Stories of Struggle. Podcast setting out the history of social and economic justice in contemporary Britain

Breaking the Frame

Conference on the Lucas Plan and its current relevance. Explores alternatives to arms production and the need for a just transition to combat climate change

Sheila Rowbotham

Photographs for Rebel Crossings: New Women, Free Lovers and Radicals in Britain and the United States. Cost of photographs from archives for book about radical feminists

Ardent Theatre Company

British Political Theatre: an online resource. Development of online archive of British political theatre from GB Shaw to present day

Brick Lane Debates

Socialist debating event. Part of a festival of grassroots education initiatives

Nottingham People’s Assembly

Cultural political event. Located in Rough Trade music shop

Socialist Newspaper Limited

Investigative Journalism programme: public services. Series of workshops assisting people campaigning to save their public services

Comma Press

Protest! Stories of Resistance (anthology of short stories exploring ten pivotal moments of popular resistance)

Women for Women

Intensive education of women in 15 tribal villages in Tamilnadu State (workshops to protect human and reproductive rights of tribal women in Southern India)

Chetham’s Library

Marx audio recording (audio presentation on the history of the Manchester library’s connection to Marx and others)


Social education to protect women’s rights in Faisalabad, Pakistan (series of workshops to help prevent domestic violence)

International Institute of Social History

Archiving the papers of Isaac Deutscher

Irene Bruegel Fund

Ice and Fire Theatre Company

Actors for Human Rights. Rehearsed reading of testimonial scripts by asylum seekers and survivors of sex trafficking

Micro Rainbow International

Tackling inequalities amongst LBTI refugee women. Three self-esteem and confidence-building workshops for LBTI participants

Journey to Justice – Tower Hamlets

Two day participative educational and artistic event for young people in Bethnal Green, East London

Rethink Rebuild Society

Spring Reign. Original drama about Syrian conflict based on real life accounts by refugees, musicians and photographers

Green and Black Cross

Green and Black Cross Training Improvement Project (workshop on legal rights during demonstrations)

Dying to Divorce

Observational film following the life of a female lawyer in Turkey fighting a culture of domestic abuse

Every Voice

All World History, All Year Round (educational event in Islington to change history curriculum to reflect the histories of ethnic minority communities)

Jubilee Debt Campaign

Economics is for Everyone (a series of educational workshops helping activists to analyse the economy and make proposals for alternatives)

People’s History Museum

In Conversation with Betty Tebbs: an inspiring cross-generational filmed interview with a 99 year old activist In Manchester

Southern Africa Fund


Project supporting homeless girls in Durban. Workshops and education seminars

Asikule Sanke

Let Us Grow Together (conference involving unions, civil justice organisations and government bodies to identify the main courses of conflict between South African citizens and refugees)

Success Capital Organisation

Sexual Rights Localised (training of LGBT youth on human rights law with local perspective)

International Labour Research Group

Political Education for a New Movement (five one-day workshops on social justice and socio-economic rights in the Western Cape)


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