Projects Projects in 1998
  • John Poole, The Dodford Society, Bromsgrove

    Celebration of Dodford Chartist Movement

  • Sheila Rowbotham, 150th Anniversary of The Communist Manifesto

    A celebration

  • Colin Leys, University of York, Toronto

    Market Driven Politics

  • David Howell and Kenneth O. Morgan (eds)

    Crime, Protest and Police in Modern British Society; essays in memory of David J. V. Jones

  • Alan Campbell, University of Liverpool and John McIlroy, University of Manchester

    ‘Communist Party in Industry; interviews and transcriptions’

  • Lorraine Sitzia; A Life of Arthur Thickett

    An oral history

  • Sheffield Socialist Choir

    Tenth Anniversary Songbook

  • Banner Theatre

    ‘Fifty Years of People’s Health – Celebrating the NHS’

  • Stella Stanford, Radical Philosophy

    ‘Philosophy and Race’ conference

  • Historical Materialism

    Subsidy towards new bi-annual

  • Eric Taplin

    North-West Labour History Group

  • Steve Jefferys, University of Keele

    ‘Radical Trade Unionism’ conference

  • Alan Fowler, Manchester Metropolitan University

    Research into International Textile Workers Federation (Brussels)

  • Irish in Britain Representation Group

    Conference on United Irishmen’s Rising of 1798

  • Trade Union Forum

    Publication grant

  • Medica, Sarajevo

    Research travel grant for Cynthia Cockburn