The Lipman-Miliband Trust


in 2001

Lipman-Miliband Trust

‘Nationalism and the Left’, international conference, Leeds April 2001

Bat Shalom (Northern Israel branch)

exhibition and Peace Camp of Israeli and Israeli/Palestinian women

Susie Jacobs, Manchester Metropolitan University

‘Women’s organisations and land reform issues in South Africa’

Women in Black, UK

subsidy towards the publication of leaflets for general distribution at weekly vigils

Cynthia Cockburn, City University

field research work in Cyprus for book Cypriot Women imagining Future Cyprus, published as The Line in 2004

Raise Your Banners Festival

contribution towards the 4th International Festival of Song

Working Class Movement Library (founded by Edmund and Ruth Frow) merged with John Rylands University Library

contribution to project of cataloguing trade union pamphlets, posters and periodicals

Andrew Boyd

profile of Jack White (1879-1946), labour movement activist

O’Connor Lysaght

assistance with publication of new edition of The Limerick Soviet

Damian White

travel grant to present papers on environmental issues at the ASA and archival work at the Centre for Political Ecology, USA

Act Together

conference to publicise the impact of sanctions in Iraq

Jeremy Lester

Counter-Hegemony, a Journal of Radical Socialist Culture; Theatre of Living Ideas

TUC Library at University of North London

catalogue and conservation of the papers of the Women’s Trade Union League

National Museum of Labour History

purchase of basic reference material to complete the reference book holdings

Lusia Films

stills archive and catalogue of Marc Karlin’s documentary films

Neville Kirk, Manchester Metropolitan University

travel grant to Australian National University for research on ‘Workman’s Paradise’ in comparative perspective in Australia, US and Britain


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