The Lipman-Miliband Trust


in 2002

Centre for Democratic Policy Making (CDP)

study of regionalism

Andrew Hemingway

University College London; ‘Marxism and the Visual Arts Now’ conference

Monthly Review Foundation

book, We are the Poors; Community Struggles in Post-Apartheid South Africa, by Ashwin Desai

Pushpinder Khaneka

subsidy towards Wellred website

Prof Lou Kushnick, Ahmed Iqbal Ullah Educational Trust

‘Towards an effective anti-racist educational system’ conference

Artery Publications

publication subsidy for biography of Ken Sprague

Rose Lindsey

‘Thinking and Doing’ conference

Fiona Dove, Transnational Institute

travel grant to 2002 World Social Forum at Porto Alegre

National Alliance of Street Vendors, India

Streetnet International Launch, South Africa

Mark Wilding

Travel grant to Geneva to carry out interviews with members of IFWEA and WIEGO at ILO, for study of Workers’ Organisations in the Informal Economy

Women in Black UK

publication of pamphlet about the history and activities of the organisation

Alan Campbell and John McIlroy

travel grant to Moscow to research Comintern archives on 1926 lockout

Allison Drew, University of York

travel grant to research the life of Sidney Bunting

Sue Bowen

travel grant to Porto Alegre, World Social Forum

Ralph Darlington

‘Revolutionary Syndicalism; an international and comparative analysis’

Prof. Gary Craig

subsidy of catalogue of the Joe Kenyon archive at Northern College

Michael Davis, University of Queensland

research on the London Corresponding Society, 1792-9

Manchester International Centre for Labour Studies, University of Manchester

conference ‘Sources of Radicalism’

Prof. Michael Newman

cost of photo reproduction for his book, Ralph Miliband and the Politics of the New Left

David Cromwell, University of Southampton

contribution towards setting up of MediaLens website

War Resisters’ International

‘Recovering WRI’s History – Stories of War Resisters’ International’, oral history project


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