Projects Projects in 2002
  • Centre for Democratic Policy Making (CDP)

    Study of regionalism

  • Andrew Hemingway

    University College London; ‘Marxism and the Visual Arts Now’ conference

  • Monthly Review Foundation

    Book, We are the Poors; Community Struggles in Post-Apartheid South Africa, by Ashwin Desai

  • Pushpinder Khaneka

    Subsidy towards Wellred website

  • Prof Lou Kushnick, Ahmed Iqbal Ullah Educational Trust

    ‘Towards an effective anti-racist educational system’ conference

  • Artery Publications

    Publication subsidy for biography of Ken Sprague

  • Rose Lindsey

    ‘Thinking and Doing’ conference

  • Fiona Dove, Transnational Institute

    Travel grant to 2002 World Social Forum at Porto Alegre

  • National Alliance of Street Vendors, India

    Streetnet International Launch, South Africa

  • Mark Wilding

    Travel grant to Geneva to carry out interviews with members of IFWEA and WIEGO at ILO, for study of Workers’ Organisations in the Informal Economy

  • Women in Black UK

    Publication of pamphlet about the history and activities of the organisation

  • Alan Campbell and John McIlroy

    Travel grant to Moscow to research Comintern archives on 1926 lockout

  • Allison Drew, University of York

    Travel grant to research the life of Sidney Bunting

  • Sue Bowen

    Travel grant to Porto Alegre, World Social Forum

  • Ralph Darlington

    ‘Revolutionary Syndicalism; an international and comparative analysis’

  • Prof. Gary Craig

    Subsidy of catalogue of the Joe Kenyon archive at Northern College

  • Michael Davis, University of Queensland

    Research on the London Corresponding Society, 1792-9

  • Manchester International Centre for Labour Studies, University of Manchester

    Conference ‘Sources of Radicalism’

  • Prof. Michael Newman

    Cost of photo reproduction for his book, Ralph Miliband and the Politics of the New Left

  • David Cromwell, University of Southampton

    Contribution towards setting up of MediaLens website

  • War Resisters’ International

    ‘Recovering WRI’s History – Stories of War Resisters’ International’, oral history project