Projects Projects in 2015
    General Fund
  • TUC Library Collections at London Metropolitan University

    Touring exhibition commemorating the Miners’ Strike 1984-1985

  • Remember Mary Barbour Association

    Teaching pack for commemorative event on Mary Barbour and the Glasgow Rent Strikes

  • Rethinking Economics

    Rethinking Economics Conference 2015 – a national economics conference geared towards developing alternatives to orthodox economics

  • School of Creative Arts, Queen’s University, Belfast

    Haiti: Lethal Force against Civilians (a documentary on UN peacekeepers in Haiti)

  • Rainbow Collective

    Producing and distributing 28 short films containing interviews with garment workers in Bangladesh

  • L Borromeo

    Home Sweet Home: a direct action public art event transforming public spaces furnished with spikes into art locations

  • Five Leaves Bookshop

    Bread and Roses: a weekend mini-festival celebrating radical culture within a book festival location and format

  • Kolya Abramsky

    Exploratory activities for an internationalist project on energy and socialism. Information sharing on energy production and consumption in order to form a collaborative initiative

  • Labour Behind the Label

    Garment Workers: The Need for a Living Wage (touring photographic exhibition featuring photographs and testimonies from garment workers in Cambodia and Bangladesh)

  • Rosa Kyffin

    Velvet Fist Women’s Voice: Oral History Project. A collection on the history of feminist socialist women’s acapella choir Velvet Fist, active 1983-2013

  • School of Geographical and Earth Sciences, University of Glasgow

    After Neoliberalism: Scotland and Alternative Political Futures (academic conference in Glasgow)

  • Deborah Grayson

    A Greater London: The Legacy of the Greater London Council (digital archive history)

  • Irene Bruegel Fund
  • Discover Palestine

    Women of Palestine: Living through Trauma, Building Resilience (events on International Women’s Day exploring Palestinian women’s trauma)

  • End Violence Against Women Coalition

    Women’s rights are human rights – whoever and wherever women are. A briefing which critiques government approaches to violence against women in the UK and overseas accompanied by videos of women from grassroots organisations

  • Critical Education Project

    Media Campaign for Take Back the City. Video equipment and web programming services involving young people from lower income backgrounds in the creation of a London People’s Manifesto

  • Jubilee Debt Campaign

    The Spark: a social justice festival in central London, designed to tackle inequality

  • Virtual Migrants

    Climate Control. A seven-date touring multimedia production linking narratives of climate change to the broader issues of poverty, race and social justice

  • Carrie Quarless

    Generation Revolution (film to encourage and inspire young black and brown communities to engage in grassroots projects and political activism)

  • The Freedom Theatre

    The Siege: Art as Resistance educational workshops (workshops to accompany a six-week UK tour of a Palestinian play featuring refugees)

  • University of Manchester Students’ Union

    Boom Bust Boom Bust: Why Economics is for Everyone. An (un)conference in Manchester bringing together the public, students and economists to learn, talk and democratise economics

  • Southern Africa Fund
  • Artsadmin Limited

    Influences – Nailwraps. A nail bar set up in a public space to apply free wraps to ‘customers’ while discussing issues around gender and female empowerment

  • War on Want

    Consultations in preparation for a Civil Society Inquiry into the Marikana Massacre