The Lipman-Miliband Trust


in 2015

General Fund

TUC Library Collections at London Metropolitan University

Touring exhibition commemorating the Miners’ Strike 1984-1985

Remember Mary Barbour Association

Teaching pack for commemorative event on Mary Barbour and the Glasgow Rent Strikes

Rethinking Economics

Rethinking Economics Conference 2015 – a national economics conference geared towards developing alternatives to orthodox economics

School of Creative Arts, Queen’s University, Belfast

Haiti: Lethal Force against Civilians (a documentary on UN peacekeepers in Haiti)

Rainbow Collective

Producing and distributing 28 short films containing interviews with garment workers in Bangladesh

L Borromeo

Home Sweet Home: a direct action public art event transforming public spaces furnished with spikes into art locations

Five Leaves Bookshop

Bread and Roses: a weekend mini-festival celebrating radical culture within a book festival location and format

Kolya Abramsky

Exploratory activities for an internationalist project on energy and socialism. Information sharing on energy production and consumption in order to form a collaborative initiative

Labour Behind the Label

Garment Workers: The Need for a Living Wage (touring photographic exhibition featuring photographs and testimonies from garment workers in Cambodia and Bangladesh)

Rosa Kyffin

Velvet Fist Women’s Voice: Oral History Project. A collection on the history of feminist socialist women’s acapella choir Velvet Fist, active 1983-2013

School of Geographical and Earth Sciences, University of Glasgow

After Neoliberalism: Scotland and Alternative Political Futures (academic conference in Glasgow)

Deborah Grayson

A Greater London: The Legacy of the Greater London Council (digital archive history)

Irene Bruegel Fund

Discover Palestine

Women of Palestine: Living through Trauma, Building Resilience (events on International Women’s Day exploring Palestinian women’s trauma)

End Violence Against Women Coalition

Women’s rights are human rights – whoever and wherever women are. A briefing which critiques government approaches to violence against women in the UK and overseas accompanied by videos of women from grassroots organisations

Critical Education Project

Media Campaign for Take Back the City. Video equipment and web programming services involving young people from lower income backgrounds in the creation of a London People’s Manifesto

Jubilee Debt Campaign

The Spark: a social justice festival in central London, designed to tackle inequality

Virtual Migrants

Climate Control. A seven-date touring multimedia production linking narratives of climate change to the broader issues of poverty, race and social justice

Carrie Quarless

Generation Revolution (film to encourage and inspire young black and brown communities to engage in grassroots projects and political activism)

The Freedom Theatre

The Siege: Art as Resistance educational workshops (workshops to accompany a six-week UK tour of a Palestinian play featuring refugees)

University of Manchester Students’ Union

Boom Bust Boom Bust: Why Economics is for Everyone. An (un)conference in Manchester bringing together the public, students and economists to learn, talk and democratise economics

Southern Africa Fund

Artsadmin Limited

Influences – Nailwraps. A nail bar set up in a public space to apply free wraps to ‘customers’ while discussing issues around gender and female empowerment

War on Want

Consultations in preparation for a Civil Society Inquiry into the Marikana Massacre


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