The Lipman-Miliband Trust


in 2007

Special Issue of the Salford Star

a free Salford Newspaper, on the theme of the lives of Frederick Engels and Mary Burns

Labour behind the label

contribution towards an international forum on the exploitation of labour in the garment industries

Marx Memorial Library

subsidy to seminar on Christopher Caudwell

Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign

seminar for young trade unionists

Stephen Roberts

contribution towards the publication of a biography of Thomas Cooper and Arthur O’Neill, Chartists

Zed Books

contribution towards a UK book tour by Nawal el Sadawi

Neighbourhoods England

a local community association, Bradford, towards a start-up meeting


new popular socialist South African monthly

Chris Arthur

travel grant to present a paper at a conference of Theseis

Prof Ray Bush

travel grant for Prof John Lungu to attend conference in Leeds

Corporate Watch

support publication of Corporate Watch Newsletter

Ciara Leeming

report on housing, regeneration and community action

Vasundhara Mohan

Institute of Peace Studies, Mumbai, travel grant to International Women’s peace Conference, Dallas

Northwest Labour History Book

award to set up website

Isabelle Fremeaux, Birkbeck

Paths through Utopias, book and DVD

Women in Black

redesign and update of leaflets and placards

Bishopsgate Library

contribution to conference on cooperation in London

Faculty for Israel-Palestine Peace

supply of books and teaching material for Palestinian universities

Dr. Janos Jemnitz, Budapest

subsidy towards publication of a book on Keir Hardie in Hungarian

Ken Sprague Fund

contribution towards international cartoon competition and exhibition


‘Land and Fire’ information campaign on the Baku-Tibilisi-Ceyhan oil pipeline

Northern Rally

Palestine cultural event in the North of England

Paul Tyler

subsidy towards the publication of a biography of Labour’s Lost Leader; The Life and Politics of Will Crooks 1852-1921 (IB Tauris, London)

Martyn Brown

Travel grant to London to pursue research on New Zealand’s involvement in the Greek army’s mutiny of 1944


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