Projects Projects in 2007
  • Special Issue of the Salford Star

    A free Salford Newspaper, on the theme of the lives of Frederick Engels and Mary Burns

  • Labour behind the label

    Contribution towards an international forum on the exploitation of labour in the garment industries

  • Marx Memorial Library

    Subsidy to seminar on Christopher Caudwell

  • Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign

    Seminar for young trade unionists

  • Stephen Roberts

    Contribution towards the publication of a biography of Thomas Cooper and Arthur O’Neill, Chartists

  • Zed Books

    Contribution towards a UK book tour by Nawal el Sadawi

  • Neighbourhoods England

    A local community association, Bradford, towards a start-up meeting

  • Amandla

    New popular socialist South African monthly

  • Chris Arthur

    Travel grant to present a paper at a conference of Theseis

  • Prof Ray Bush

    Travel grant for Prof John Lungu to attend conference in Leeds

  • Corporate Watch

    Support publication of Corporate Watch Newsletter

  • Ciara Leeming

    Report on housing, regeneration and community action

  • Vasundhara Mohan

    Institute of Peace Studies, Mumbai, travel grant to International Women’s peace Conference, Dallas

  • Northwest Labour History Book

    Award to set up website

  • Isabelle Fremeaux, Birkbeck

    Paths through Utopias, book and DVD

  • Women in Black

    Redesign and update of leaflets and placards

  • Bishopsgate Library

    Contribution to conference on cooperation in London

  • Faculty for Israel-Palestine Peace

    Supply of books and teaching material for Palestinian universities

  • Dr. Janos Jemnitz, Budapest

    Subsidy towards publication of a book on Keir Hardie in Hungarian

  • Ken Sprague Fund

    Contribution towards international cartoon competition and exhibition

  • Platform

    ‘Land and Fire’ information campaign on the Baku-Tibilisi-Ceyhan oil pipeline

  • Northern Rally

    Palestine cultural event in the North of England

  • Paul Tyler

    Subsidy towards the publication of a biography of Labour’s Lost Leader; The Life and Politics of Will Crooks 1852-1921 (IB Tauris, London)

  • Martyn Brown

    Travel grant to London to pursue research on New Zealand’s involvement in the Greek army’s mutiny of 1944